Ongoing Projects

Beyond my research, I co-organize conferences and disseminate data+code. 

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation (WEFI)

A virtual workshop (held on Mondays) featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation.   We also hold lectures and student-led conferences.   

My co-organizers are WEFI organizers are Yael Hochberg (Rice), Song Ma (Yale) and David Robinson (Duke).  Check out the schedule

Gender, Race and Entrepreneurship Lecture

A review of the economics of discrimination with a focus on the unique ways it manifests itself in firm formation and financing decisions. The presentation will cover the recent advances in testing alternative explanations for differential treatment by race and propose a framework for future research in the area.   Check out the video, reading list and slides.

Southern California Private Equity Conference

This one-day conference brought together leading academics studying private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial finance. The seventh annual Southern California Private Equity Conference was held online on March 5th, 2021.  The next conference will take place in Pasadena, CA on March 4th, 2021.  Sign up here.

We gratefully acknowledge the support from the Linde Institute at Caltech. My co-organizers are Arthur Korteweg (USC), Rick Townsend (UCSD) and Xinxin Wang (UCLA).

Private Capital Data Lab

Academics who study private startups raising capital face an major hurdle: limited or expensive data. Such barriers are particularly high for the next generation of PhD students interested in entrepreneurial finance and private equity. If you are interested in accessing the data, submit your request here (academics, non-commercial uses only).

The Private Capital Data Lab (PCDL) aims to fill this information gap, introduce data standards and improve data access for researchers and policymakers. A standardized, free and researcher-focused database will lower entry barriers for researchers interested in entrepreneurial finance, innovation, and startups, encouraging more research in this crucial sector of the economy.