Ongoing Projects

Beyond my research, I co-organize conferences and disseminate data+code. 

Equity in Private Equity

We are building a comprehensive database of private equity professionals, their demographics and career trajectories.  The goal: to describe gender and race representation and understand the constraints faced by under-represented workers in the industry. 

Blue Sky Law Data

This website provides the background and data for the NSF-funded “The Impact of Securities Regulation on Financial Development and Entrepreneurship” (1949582). The project aims to document the history of state securities laws from 1948 to 1980 (some gaps), characterize the stringency of those laws over time, and then connect the laws’ characteristics to economic outcomes.  The main data is available on the Github repository.

Entrepreneurial Finance: A PhD Course

The course aims to provide an overview of modern research in entrepreneurial finance and, more importantly, provide the foundation for success in producing research: mastering institutional details. These include definitions, industry norms, regulations (history of changes), laws, databases, disclosure rules, and more.

There is a hidden “literature” of these institutional details in all major empirical work. This course presents a literature review of sorts for these details while teaching entrepreneurial finance along the way.

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation (WEFI)

A virtual workshop (held on Mondays) featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation.   We also hold lectures and student-led conferences.   

My co-organizers are WEFI organizers are Camille Hebert (Univ. of Toronto), Song Ma (Yale) and Melanie Wallskog (Duke).  Check out the schedule

Data and Code

A collection of data and code from my published and working papers.  Visit the Github page or select “Data/Code” from my research listing.

Gender, Race and Entrepreneurship Lecture

A review of the economics of discrimination with a focus on the unique ways it manifests itself in firm formation and financing decisions. The presentation will cover the recent advances in testing alternative explanations for differential treatment by race and propose a framework for future research in the area.   Check out the video, reading list and slides.

Race and Gender in Entrepreneurial Finance

This website is the companion to “Race and Gender in Entrepreneurial Finance” prepared for the Handbook on the Economics of Corporate Finance, written by Michael Ewens.  The site details the statistics related to race and gender in entrepreneurship, data used in the paper, references, and teaching slides (coming soon).  It aims to provide up-to-date information on the representation and outcome gaps by race in gender in the entrepreneurial finance market.

Columbia Private Equity Conference

This two-day conference (formerly the “Southern California Private Equity Conference”) brings together leading academics studying private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial finance. The 7th annual Southern California Private Equity Conference was held online on March 5th, 2021.  The next conference will take place in New York, NY on Feb. 29th-Mar.  1st 2023 and feature a half-day student workshop.  Sign up here.

My co-organizers are Tabina Babina (Columbia), Song Ma (Yale), and Emmanuel Yimfor (Columbia). 

Private or Public Equity?

This website is the companion to “Private or Public Equity? The Evolving Entrepreneurial Finance Landscape” joint with Joan Farre-Mensa. The site provides detail on the data used in the paper, references, presentation slides and teaching slides. It aims to provide up-to-date information on the entrepreneurial finance market.


Website Advice for Ph.D. Job Candidates

Recruiting season for econ and finance PhDs is about preparing your job market paper, writing your research statement, buying that new formal business attire, and practicing your job talk. You should also have a website, but not just any website. Email me for slides that I made for my students that job market candidates may find helpful.